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September 17, 2009John KypreosPresidentTristate Window Factory360 Marcus BlvdDeer Park, NY 11729 Dear Sirs, I am to tell you that I am extremely pleased with my purchase of your windows. I had all the windows in my home replaced in early July. I... [MORE]

September 17, 2009

John Kypreos


Tristate Window Factory

360 Marcus Blvd

Deer Park, NY 11729


Dear Sirs,


I am to tell you that I am extremely pleased with my purchase of your windows. I had all the windows in my home replaced in early July. I saw the quality in the showroom and was impressed with the demonstration with the sunlamp. It showed how the heat did not penetrate the windows like it does the the normal windows. However, when i experienced in my home I was extremely impressed.

One Saturday, my wife went to lunch with a girlfriend while I stayed home to work. We had had a very cold night the night before so I had a blanket around my shoulders as I worked. I refused to turn the heat on in July. My wife called me at 2 pm saying she left the car lights on and the battery was dead. So, I could not believe it when i walked out into 75-degree heat. The coolness of the evening had been kept all morning. In the past, I always knew the temperature outside in the summer because it was the same inside.

It is for this reason, the automatic lock and the lifetime guarantee that caused me to purchase your windows for the new Long Island Youth Mentoring Ministry Center. Your me did a professional job of installation and clean up. My builder looked at the finished product and said he had never seen vinyl window with that quality. He mentioned that the self-locking feature is extremely important with many users.

Well, you did not ask for this letter, but you deserve to know that your efforts to produce and deliver excellence were noticed and are appreciated.



John C.

Executive Director


June 10, 2011
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