Projects that increase energy efficiency rate high on the to-do list as the autumn home improvement season gets into full swing. “Because of the rising costs to heat and cool your home, many of our customers are requesting energy efficient products including windows, vinyl, siding and doors,” says Ian Zmud of Champion Windows in Plainview. “With Comfort 365 glass, whi1e we manufacture, our customers experience energy savings in the winter and the summer .”


“We have a high demand for custom-made, high energy efficiency vinyl windows with triple glass and a U factor of .16, which we manufacture on Long Island,” said John Kypreos of Tri-State Window Factory Corp. in Deer Park. ‘Two of the three panes are soft-coat high performance Low-E glass, with Krypton gas between the panes, and the window frames are foam-filled for maximum thermal efficiency.”


Lesa Dresher, executive director of the L1/NYC chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), a trade association with its regional office in Huntington Station, said, “With the high price of oil this winter, this is really the best time to get those items completed, so you can have a safe and a warm winter holiday season.” Dresher added, “With everybody’s mind on green resources, this is the best time to work on oil tanks and heating systems and keep them running efficiently, ”NARI reports that home owners also want to complete these jobs before winter sets in:


• Roof repair/replacement. This allows you to be proactive and prevent expensive emergency repairs. A contractor can point out trouble spots and locate a leak from inside.

• Installing a fireplace. There are many options available in fireplaces including wood, gas or pellet-powered models.

• Insulating the attic, which keeps a home’s heating and cooling inside the home.

• Replacing gutters. Leaking gutters cause interior structural damage, and the constant moisture promotes mold and mildew growth.


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