Tristate Introduces New Patio Doors, Windows, Bays & Bows with Built-in Privacy Mini Blinds

You can increase the value of your home with Tristate's New Platinum Privacy Mini Blinds.     Built-in to your patio door or casement windows, you'll be amazed at the elegance, beauty, and practicality of the Tri-State Privacy Mini Blinds.  John Kypreos of Tristate  states, "Tri-State Mini Blinds allows you to invite the outdoors into your home with ease and fingertip control, while preserving the charm and clean appearance of your home’s interior. Tri-State Mini Blinds have been designed with a patented precision technology to allow you to enjoy full view, complete privacy, or anything you want in-between".

Tri-State Mini Blinds are engineered with a unique magnetically coupled gear mechanism that is positioned between the clear insulated glass unit. With Tri-State Mini Blinds you can easily control the light level and privacy to suit your preference.


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