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Our Casement Windows are of a clean narrow-line design, and open fully to 90 degrees for inside cleaning. They also come standard with double weather stripping and a vinyl seal bulb.
•Our casement windows are manufactured with triple glass.  Two of these panes are high performance soft coated Low-E glass. The windows are completely welded in all four corners & foam filled.  In between the panes we use a warm edge white super spacer. We use a double seal to seal our glass.
• We utilize double weather stripping in our casement windows

Our casement windows are made with heavy duty commercial Maxum hardware for smooth operating. They are equipped with a single locking handle with a triple locking bar (depending on the window’s height).

Our Model 5400 Maxi casement windows carry the ENERGY STAR label with a U-Factor of .16. The lower the U-Factor, the higher the efficiency

Note: There are almost unlimited options on the grid and styles that are available on all windows
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